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COVID-19 Supplies

RTLINENS offers exceptional quality COVID-19 Supplies that includes the personal protective equipment and surface disinfectants. The Emergency Supplies for COVID-19 includes the Medical Grade Masks, Non-Medical Grade Masks, Protective Gloves and Surface Sanitizing Solutions. These are the high-quality supplies that are designed to keep away the harmful foreign contaminants. The face masks are designed using finest fabric to ensure breathability; the masks are completely comfortable, soft and skin-friendly, and easy to use. Apart from this, the quality tested gloves help you to keep your hands completely safe while working. The personal protective equipment prevents pollutants from being spread. The COVID-19 supplies include the surface sanitizing solution that provides a quick, easy and effective way to sanitize all surfaces that come in human contact regularly. Trust the sanitizing solution that contains 80% alcohol and is highly effective in reducing the chances of transferring virus, bacteria from different surfaces to your hand or face. These COVID-19 supplies are reliable PPE for workplace.

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