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  • Big Event Fabric Backdrops

    Ravishing backdrops contribute the most in giving perfectly framed photographs of big events! We have introduced Big Event Fabric Backdrops that are available in the most stunning colors and premium quality fabric to suit décor theme of any big party you have planned.
  • Decorative Curtains

    Our Decorative Curtains collection involves exceptional party curtains that are designed to add a dose of style and magnificence to the party ambience. Whether you are organizing a luxurious wedding party or a big corporate event, these decorative party curtains can be an affordable alternative for you.
  • Lighting & Drape Lighting for Backdrops

    A perfect decoration can make any special celebration truly a memorable. Choosing right lighting for party backdrops or curtains can add splendid visual effect to any party ambience. Our large inventory of Backdrop Lighting for Drapes features the most alluring colors and size options.
  • Fire Retardant Curtains & Backdrops

    Fire Retardant Curtains & Backdrops are draped to add a luxury and charm to all types of party venues, ranging from grand wedding to birthday party venues. These photography panels are available at many sizes and are crafted from soft material with lush color combinations to bring flawless sheerness to party space.
  • Decorative Mat Wall Backdrops

    Create a dreamy wedding decor with our Mat Wall Backdrops with surreal radiance. Our Decorative Mat Wall Backdrops do not need your second thoughts for decorating any special gatherings’ venue with blissful blooms that can used to decorate wall backdrops, banquet hall walls, arches and columns.
  • Photography & Studio Kits

    Photographers are meant for cherishing the special event memories for life! So, photography kits contribute most to the perfection of any event photography outcome. We have an astonishing range of Photography & Studio Kits to embark your any type of photography venture.
  • Pipe & Drape Kit

    Our Pipe & Drape Kit collection covers all the beautiful variety of photography backdrop stands, stands with high quality bases and wedding photo exhibition booth. These party essentials are made from high quality material and are available in various sizes that can be perfectly reused for your all upcoming events.
  • Arch-Way Prop Stands

    Elevate your special occasion’s decor with these stunningly designed Arch-Way Prop Stands. These Prop Stands are commonly used in decorating the entrance of any event venue or the cake cutting space background.
  • Backdrop Curtains with Lighting Built-in

    Backdrop Curtains with Built-in Lighting can add a sparkle to any space, from party venues to festive home decorations. Our extensive collection with Lighting Built-in includes a wide variety of Backdrop Curtains that any event decorating professional needs to plan an event.
  • Curtain Ceiling Panel Backdrops

    There isn’t an occasion as fascinating as weddings. Our Curtain Ceiling Panel Backdrops collection includes an extensive range of backdrops and curtains that can elevate that charm of wedding settings.
  • Premium Polyester Cloth for Backdrops

    With a smooth texture and unflinching durability, our Premium Polyester Cloth for Backdrops makes a perfect pick for weddings, business events, seminars, theaters, photo booths and anything that seeks an elegant touch.
  • Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall Mat

    Artificial vertical gardens can create a refreshing aura of nature in your events! This can be easily done with our exclusive range of Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall Mats – each adding a texture and greenery to the walls of the venue.
  • Art Wall Panel

    Contemporary and modern wall panels can bring life to plain walls. We offer an assortment of Art Wall Panels with beautiful textures, colors and sizes. Our current selection embraces superior quality Wall Panels that can be ideal for your special occasion decorations, from weddings to business events.
  • Spandex Ceiling & Wall Drape

    Spandex Ceiling Wall Drapes are typically used in outdoor events but contemporary event decoration artists often include them within party halls to create rich backdrops or grand entranceways. Ceiling Wall Patio Sunshade Sails from RTLINENS are crafted from durable flame retardant and UV protected stretch spandex fabric.
  • Peel and Stick Mirror Wall Tiles

    Backsplashes play a critical role as wall protectors, protecting against spills and splatters. A designer backsplash has aesthetic value too. Regular mirror wall tiles are a great way to dress-up the backsplash but what is usually glamorous can also have a big sticker price.

Party & Special Event Curtain Backdrops

Decorative backdrops can give any special celebration a grand feeling! Party even backdrops complete with lavish embellishments like lighting, ribbons or flowers can make any festive event look exceptional. Our huge inventory of Party & Special Event Backdrops features decorative curtains, drape lightings, big event fabric backdrops, mat wall backdrops, photography and studio kits, arch-way prop stands, curtain ceiling panel backdrops and a lot more.

Our wide collection of event backdrops can elevate the charisma of banquet halls, restaurants, party rental halls, casinos, hotels and wedding halls, available at the best possible wholesale prices. Offering high-durbility, our assortment of Party & Special Event Backdrops can make any house cocktail party memorable.

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