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  • Charger Plates & Dinnerware

    Whether dining in a lavish restaurant or attending a special event in a country club, a perfect table setting is appreciated by everyone. Charger Plates are ideal for adding unique flairs to the table setting.
  • Disposable Dinnerware

    When it comes to quality and performance, our range of Disposable Dinnerware is at par with the best in industry. We specialize in the niche of disposable dinnerware and disposable tableware for different hosting requirements.

Charger Dinnerware Plates for Wedding

When dealing with the dining accessories for events, RTLINENS has no market competitor that can match the level of expertise and creativity it brings to the market. From lavish restaurants to events at a country club, RTLINENS has managed to create a collection of such unique and innovative dinnerware that is stunning to look at. Our collection includes charger dinnerware plates, disposable dinnerware, wedding charger plates, and much more. These wholesale priced plates and dinnerware are available in a wide range of colors and designs to complement different themes and decors.

RTLINENS disposable plates and spoons are the best available in the industry which is a great thing for the event coordinator who won’t have to look somewhere else. This disposable cutlery and dinnerware are easy to warehouse dispose of whenever the need arises. Premium-grade suppliers of all sorts of tableware and decoration pieces for various events, RTLINENS won’t let you down with unjustifiable prices.