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  • Commercial Spot Cleaning Solvents

    It is important to maintaining longevity of your table linens by using proper care. When renting your table linens for special events we face the fact that they will be stained with oils, juices, wine and food. We combat these fierce four with our own fierce four cleaners.
  • Portable Commercial Linen Pressure Steamers

    You have reached the right place, in case you are looking for performance-guided Portable Commercial Linen Pressure Steamers. Here, we are offering a wide variety of pressure steamers to meet your different linen pressing needs to the perfection. Made from only the best quality materials and components, these professional linen pressure steamers are fully capable of delivering quick and effective results in a commercial environment.
  • Commercial and Home Irons

    Whether you need a steam iron for your commercial setup or home, at RTLINENS you will find the perfect match for every requirement at a very competitive price. We cater to global bulk order needs at wholesale prices. In this section, we are offering an impressive variety of portable irons, which conform to the strictest standards of quality and safety.
  • Commercial and Home Ironing Boards

    RTLINENS is the best online destination to buy durable, thoughtfully designed Commercial and Home Ironing Boards. Our Commercial and Home Ironing Boards are designed to make ironing a lot of fun for you. These boards provide a solid platform to let you do ironing in a convenient and efficient manner. Our height adjustable commercial and home ironing boards enable the users to work at different height positions in accordance with their level of comfort and ease.
  • Commercial Ironing Station

    We are your source for completely reliable ironing stations for all your commercial needs. Our Commercial Ironing Stations comprise of heavy-duty irons and boilers. They feature durable stainless steel tanks and outer casing to resist corrosion and rust. These wholesale priced ironing stations come equipped.
  • Commercial and Home Floor Steam Cleaners

    Our Commercial and Home Floor Steam Cleaners are ideal for use in residential settings as well as commercial setups like medical facilities, dental clinics, hospitals, banquet halls, restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, jewelry shops, and more. These wholesale priced steam cleaners include the commercial steam cleaners designed for cleaning left over wax, plaster waste and other debris off the floor from dental labs or jewelry stores and workrooms.
  • Commercial Linen & Garment Steam Presses

    Along with a large variety of table linens and overlays in various fabrics and styles, RTLINENS also specializes in premium professional linen care equipment at affordable wholesale rates.
  • Commercial Linen and Garment Sewing Machines

    Party and Event decoration trends are ever evolving. With the wide variety of fabrics available in linens, there are still many ways you can design them to incorporate various décor ideas in your event. Whether you want to create a ruffled tabletop or a layered aisle runner, everything is easy with a portable commercial linen and garment sewing machines. Along with making new simple designs easily, a professional lightweight commercial linen and garment sewing machines also allows quick modifications on-the-go.

  • Commercial Floor & Garment Steam Cleaners

    Are you looking for commercial quality Floor & Garment Steam Cleaners? Then you have landed on just the right web page. Here, at RTLINENS, we are offering a wide variety of steam cleaners for use on the floor and garments. Our commercial floor steam cleaners are designed to make even the most difficult cleaning and sanitizing jobs incredibly easy and convenient for you.
  • Commercial Dental Pressure Steam Cleaners

    You can count on us to buy completely reliable Dental Pressure Steam Cleaners for use in a commercial setup. At RTLINENS, we have taken utmost care to include only those dental pressure steam cleaners in our online inventory, which meet the most stringent of the quality checks. These professional dental pressure steam cleaners comprise the best quality stainless steel pressure vessels and electrical components.
  • Commercial Jewelry Steam Cleaners

    In this section, we have lined up heavy-duty Commercial Jewelry Steam Cleaners, which aim towards making cleaning in jewelry stores and workrooms a breeze for you and your staff. These wholesale jewelry steam cleaners are extremely helpful in conveniently cleaning away the left over wax, plaster waste, and other debris.
  • Commercial Lighting Solutions for Sewing Machines

    We make sewing easy for you with our Commercial Lighting Solutions. These smartly designed lights help you to have complete attention on the task at hand by letting you have all the focus of light exactly where you need the most. Our professional lighting solutions feature durable construction done by using high quality components.
  • Commercial Accessories

    RTLINENS is your one-stop online shop, whether you need to buy accessories for ironing, steam cleaning, sewing, or cloth cutting. Our listings in this category includes ironing board covers, boiler stands, Silicone iron rests, steam wands, nozzle extensions, brushes, pressure wands, extension tubes, sewing accessories, welting feet set, sharpening stones & bands, cutting blades, and more.

Linen Care Products

At RTLINENS, we understand that how important it is for you to keep the wedding/party linen keep looking good all the time. Whether you are an event manager, a banquet owner, or you run a restaurant or a hotel, you would want your table linen to perfectly complement the up-class dinner settings. Buying an expensive linen is not enough. You also need to take proper care of your premium wedding linen to keep it in the best form for a long tenure. Here, we have lined up a wide range of high quality linen care products, which help you to pamper your party linen just the way you want to. These unique offerings include the Portable Pressure Steamers, Iron and Ironing Stations, Ironing Boards, Steam Presses, Steam Cleaners, and more. We also provide sewing machines that will help you mend or customize the dinner linens effortlessly. With the lighting equipment and other accessories available with us, you will not find it difficult to make your party tables the center of all the attraction.

We are the World Leaders in our Niche
When you deal with us, you get access to dependable quality at economical prices. We offer innovative products at wholesale prices, which enable you to get your party linen ready in presentable condition even at a very short notice. Our linen care & prep equipment meet the highest standards of safety and performance. They are easy to use, handle, and maintain. From weddings, engagement parties, birthday bashes to business meetings, we help you to manage the table linen for every formal or informal occasion easily with our Linen Care Products.

Why buy Linen Care Products from RTLINENS?
With RTLINENS, you get the assurance of buying linen care products & accessories from one of the best providers of premium-grade table linen and wedding supplies like disposable dinnerware. Salient features of wholesale/bulk orders processed at RTLINENS:

  • Quick order processing
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy: quick turnaround on customer queries
  • Special consideration for bulk orders: expedited shipping within 24 hours to 48 hours
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