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Serpentine Table Linens

The word ‘Serpentine’ is simply used to describe table linens because of their S-shape design that is meant for curved tables. These allow you to serve from both the front and backside of the table. These tables have created a new trend that is popular among the professional hosts. The curvaceous structure creates a distinctive appeal that adds more character to an event theme. Be it luncheons or dinner parties, the Serpentine Table cloths are surely one thing that is part of the table decoration.

RTLINENS has managed to create a diverse collection of different types of Serpentine Table cloths at the most competitive prices. Their collection includes Spandex Serpentine Table Covers, Flame Retardant Polyester Serpentine Tablecloths, Satin/Dupioni Serpentine Tablecloths, Faux Burlap Serpentine Tablecloths, and much more. The variety of materials and colors is huge which allows you to select the best one for your event without compromising on anything.