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Fire-Retardant Tablecloths

Put safety first with nonflammable tablecloths by RTLINENS. As an event coordinator, you want everyone to have a good time at the next event. No one has to know that fire-retardant tablecloths are in use. They look exactly like any other cloth material. Feel free to use candles on each table as centerpieces. Placing hot plates onto the table isn't a problem either. The material takes on heat and fire with no combustion possible.

RTLINENS heat-resistant table linens wholesale come in many different styles, sizes and colors. Browse through our collection, make your selection and excite your clients at that next event. These commercial table linens can be used multiple times, with easy laundering afterward. Take advantage of our bulk pricing on tablecloths or on just the fabric itself. RTLINENS gives you options with fire-retardant decor that lets the party continue into the night.

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