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  • Chambury Plastics

    RTLINENS is the leading supplier of disposable Chambury Plastics items. These dinnerware goods make life easy for casino managers, banquet organizers and party planners, providing them easy to dispense, use-and-dump tableware. The pricing is perfect and the use of food-grade materials means that Chambury Plastics tableware is the perfect option anywhere/anytime where food is being served!
  • Disposable Bowls

    Choose RTLINENS; when you want the cheapest disposable bowls without compromising on quality. As a part of our wedding supplies portfolio where we specialize in providing bulk rate table linen and accessories, we also offer a wide array of disposable tableware. These disposable dinnerware items have been tested for serving hot and cold food items. Regular buyers of our discounted Disposable Bowls vouch for the quality and timely delivery. Shipping internationally, we have a smartly managed warehousing facility that caters to international and regional orders.
  • Disposable Cups and Flutes

    Keep your cafeteria, canteen facilities, restaurant kitchens, and eating areas clean and free from unwashed cups with the help of Disposable Cups. These biodegradable cups not only save you from expensive breakage costs but also end the headache of constantly managing crockery, including daily issues like storage and replacement. Without any toxic chemicals, these disposable cups are a safe way to serve hot and cold liquid beverages — a niche way to show your support for the cause of keeping the environment pollution-free.
  • Disposable Dessert & Serving

    Whether you are a restaurant owner or you run a bakery, you will find our range of disposable utensils a wise, investment-friendly choice. The reason lies in our pursuit of quality, delivering the best in dessert & serving tableware for food preparation, storage, and serving requirements.
  • Disposable Plates

    RTLINENS is a specialist in the niche of wholesale price event supplies, including Disposable Plates. Our plates can be used at hosted events of any magnitude. These disposable bulk rate plates meet the international standards for quality, durability and safety of usage. We have created an impressive inventory of wholesale disposable plates for your consideration. It is our constant endeavor to provide valued customers like you the best in wedding linen and event supplies like disposable tableware. You get the assurance of premium quality disposable dinnerware at very reasonable prices.
  • Disposable Utensils

    You have arrived at the right destination if you are looking for durable, stylish and food-grade Disposable Utensils. RTLINENS is an international supplier of high-quality disposable dinnerware and tableware items for hosted events of all sizes. From parties to weddings, corporate events to retirement parties, and banquet events, we provide the entire range of table linen and tableware items.
  • Eco-Friendly Natural Tableware

    Are regular tableware and crockery breakage costs taking your business down? Our extensive range of Eco-Friendly Tableware items have the perfect answer. Natural Tableware items offer the easiest way to vend, serve, pack and temporarily store all types of foods and liquid beverages, whether hot or cold, in all types of food serving and food dispensing environments.
  • Paper Straws

    RTLINENS is a specialist in the niche of table linen, wedding linen and all associated items that are an essential part of food serving environments. From corporate event planners to banquet managers and event organizers, from parties and weddings to high-profile conferences, paper straws continue to be an important part of the day’s proceedings. Use and throw straws are cheap, help to maintain hygiene and are now available at RTLINENS at the best online prices.

Disposable Dinnerware

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When it comes to quality and performance, our range of Disposable Dinnerware is at par with the best in industry. We specialize in the niche of disposable dinnerware and disposable tableware for different hosting requirements. Our regular clients depend upon us to provide the biggest online inventory of the finest disposable tableware items such as paper spoons, plates, bowls and utensils. Each of these has been manufactured from the premium materials that provide durability and safety-of-use.

An Answer for Every Disposable Cutlery Requirement
You get the convenience of finding the best-in-class Disposable Tableware, including Eco-Friendly Tableware products, that is easy to warehouse, use and dispose whenever the occasion arises. These products meet the highest standards of quality associated with the hospitality and catering segment. These disposable tableware items are completely safe for use across a wide range of food items. Ethical manufacturing practices mean these disposable dinnerware tableware items don't have any type of toxicity, making them ideal for use in parties, catering events, restaurants, dinner halls, cafeterias, corporate events, or functions like baby showers.

Best in Wholesale Disposable Dinnerware Tableware Providers
With RTLINENS, you get the assurance of buying disposable dinnerware from one of the best providers of premium-grade table linen and wedding supplies like disposable dinnerware products. With a growing customer list that includes different sized party planners, event organizers, hotel owners, banquet managers, and food & beverage directors, RTLINENS is emerging as the most trusted resource to buy wholesale wedding & party supplies.

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