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Flame Retardant Polyester Fabric Linens

Table Linens can be a perfect way to induce style into your mundane dining settings. These serpentine series of tablecloths are a perfect to save your tables from spills and scratches without scarifying anyhow on the quotient of style. Provided with a Velcro at back, this Linen can be easily clipped with other table skirting options. Available in a plethora of shades, this Polyester Linen is easy to wash, iron and fold as per the need.

Buying Fire Safe Polyester Fabric Table Linen

If you want to buy these attractive Polyester Fabric Liners, RTLINENS is the name to look online. RTLINENS is the leading online destination for buying table linen and accessories for creating the perfect dining ensemble. With international shipping facilities, global orders are now being processed. This includes bulk rate orders and those with special discounts. For bigger orders, you should contact us for special quotes. If you really like this Flame Retardant Polyester Table-liners, feel free to contact us contact us 1-800-831-6326 (Toll Free).