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Extreme Faux Burlap Linens

Premium Extreme Faux Burlap Linens | Durable Polyester Linens - True Jute Aesthetics, Low Maintenance

RTLINENS series of polyester solids table linens has one unique, unbeatable item that is creating a lot of engagement across the domain of naturally themed event linens. These are Extreme Faux Burlap Linens that have been meticulously created to look just like jute burlap. The aesthetics of natural fibers and textures has been beautifully created. This premium offering comes with the assurance of more durability as compared to real burlap fabrics. Ideal for all decors that need something rustic, country or farmhouse-themed, these linens are simple looking but play an important role in defining the theme at a wedding. Not very coarse like real burlap, these faux jute burlap linens are slightly smooth and soft. There is no fear of issues typically associated with real jute fabrics like shedding. These event linens are meant to last for a long time. 100% polyester construction means ease of handling, storage and repeated usage. Artificial burlap provides wedding décor designers more options as faux jute burlap is easier to twist, bundle, tie-up, hang, or drape. Unlike real burlap linens that needs special caring, these table linens are machine-washable and easy to dry—now, at best-ever prices!