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Premium Polyester Check Linens

Wholesale Premium Polyester Check Linens for Weddings, Restaurants & Special Events If looking to entertain at home, host an event, or decorate a restaurant, look no further than polyester checkered tablecloths to establish a casual motif. Not only does a check pattern add a casual, lighthearted atmosphere, but these check tablecloths beckon easy care without worrying about most food stains when the dining is over.
What are some prime uses for polyester table cloths with the fresh design of gingham checks? Although casual can best describe this type of table covering, they effortlessly add a punch of color for outdoor weddings, occasions still inclined to have some formalities in keeping with their very nature. Summer weddings and receptions customarily take advantage of seasonal hues, making checkered gingham tablecloth that echo bright flowers or bridesmaids' apparel very appealing. Checks of teal and white, for instance, nicely accommodate blues and greens, while a black and white or burgundy and white check give just a hint of uptown to evening receptions set amidst lush landscapes. Adding napkins in corresponding checks or bright solids further enhances the festive, yet relaxed, feeling an outdoor wedding celebration is often meant to convey.
Other occasions that would benefit by using polyester table clothes include picnics which, even by name, imply casual dining and socializing. Picnics for family reunions, corporate events, or large gatherings of friends are popular, focusing on fun without fuss. However, polyester table cloths play a role in softening the overall outdoor look and covering what are often unattractive table tops with an inviting background upon which to place delicious edibles. Red, blue, or green checks, with fresh white, smack of summer fun and relaxed times. Moreover, should an Italian theme prevail, red and white checks will imbue even the most densely wooded area with a touch of Italy. Of course, if one is setting up a true Italian restaurant or bistro, nothing is more inviting than the traditional red and white checks that seem to conjure up thoughts of pizza, pasta, and red wine. Using a fresh green and white check or the strong allure of black and white, while still offering a relaxed ambiance, would definitely add eye appeal when nicely coordinated with other design elements. For, combining checks of any color with delicious food set on polyester table cloths would be cause to raise a toast whether inside or out, not just by guests, but also by those responsible for planning and clean-up as well!