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  • Rental Flame Retardant Polyester Linens

    Want to add some style to your décor in a refined manner? Searching for something better than usual that not also serve the utility but also jazz up your event décor? Tired of searching here and there? Try RTLINENS, a global online store for nationwide linen both rental and non-rental. The Rental Flame Retardant Polyester Linens are one of the flagship propositions by RTLINENS.
  • Rental Polyester Linens

    A table countertop is not just a place for keeping your utensils and materials but also can be marked as a highlight or a center of attraction if well-groomed. It has an appeal to take your décor to next level and even diminish it completely. So, of you are looking for something head turning, then without any ado avail the benefit of Polyester Rental Program offered by and be a perfect host.

  • Rental Satin Dupioni Table Linens

    From Bar Mitzvahs, Wedding Ceremonies, Prom party to Corporate Events, one thing that remains common is – elegantly groomed tabletops. Swathing a table for all types of events is a challenging task, either it can take an event to higher level or it can diminish the charm and feel of the overall event, if not selected wisely. So, if you are looking for the finest of table fabrics for all events, then Satin / Dupioni is the ultimate choice/pick. Try the Satin Dupioni - Rental Program by RTLINENS and make an ideal selection.
  • Rental Premium Spandex Table Linens

    If you are looking for a linen that is not only functional, but is also stylish enough to instantly facelift the overall setting of your event, then the Premium Spandex is ideal for you. But before buying, are you wondering to have a look and feel of it? No worry, try the Premium Spandex- Rental Program offered by
    RTLINENS and make a wiser selection.

  • Rental Premium Stripe Table Linens

    Creating a well-groomed ambience at any event is the prime task of host. If you lacks in it the overall look and feel of the event goes lost. So, if you are planning to host a party and searching for something unique then Rental Premium Stripe Table Linens are the best pick for you.

  • Rental Premium Polka Dot Table Linens

    From Bar Mitzah to prom party, birthday bash to wedding ceremony and formal gatherings to corporate event, the one thing that remains common is table ensemble. Unique in its own way this assembly transforms the mundane décor into head turning. So, if you are looking for something marvelous that can add spark to your décor try the Premium Polka Dot Table linens. To make a better selection try the Rental Premium Polka Dot Table linens offered by

  • Rental Metallic Scroll Table Linens

    Planning to host a birthday bash or marriage ceremony or any other event in the coming few day? Searching for something exceptionally brilliant? Do not miss out Metallic Scroll Table Linens–a terrific table face-lifting essential. Go for the Rental Metallic Scroll Table Linens try it, feel it, get the compliments then buy it.
  • Rental Fire Retardant Satin Lamour Table Linens

    Table Linens are acknowledged from long for creating a magnificent table ensemble while fulfilling your utility needs. Whatever be an occasion, these are first thing that strikes the mind to add finishing touch to the table décor. So, if you’re a planning to host a party and want to buy something unique this time? Try the Rental Fire retardant Satin Lamour table linens from RTLINENS to lure the onlookers.
  • Rental Crinkle Taffeta Table Linens

    Looking for utility-focused plus stylish table essential to uplift the mundane décor of your event? Try the best-in-class Rental Crinkle Taffeta Table Linens offered by RTLINENS, a one of the high-grossing propositions. Great quality assured this dainty wedding linen rental adds spark to your event.
  • Rental Faux Burlap Table Linens

    Well-versed hoteliers and hospitality professionals demand the best-in-class event linen equipped with versatile features that is why; selection of the supreme class fabric is must. If you are searching for something unique that turns basic ambience into head turning try this Faux Burlap - Rental Program, one of the flagship proposition by RTLINENS.
  • Rental Premium Chevron Table Linens

    Are you a planner who often hosts parties from Bar Mitzvahs, Wedding Ceremonies to Corporate Events? Yes! Tired of usual setting looking forward to give an instant facelift to the event décor. Try the ever-expanding range of RTLINENS and select the best one as per your needs. The Rental Premium Chevron Table Linen is the flagship proposition by RTLINENS.
  • Rental Velvet Table Linens

    From wedding aisle tables to round accent tables, event tables that need attention are best dressed in rental velvet table linen—velvet adds more glamor than any other fabric! Velvet has been adopted as the preferred table linen option by event hosting industry experts, across all types of event seating or guest hosting areas.
  • Rental Premium Pintuck Table Linens offers a huge inventory of Rental Premium Pintuck Table Linens at reasonable prices. In this section, we bring an assortment of linens such as Rental Premium Pintuck Runners, Premium Pintuck Round Tablecloths, Premium Pintuck Rectangular Tablecloths, Premium Pintuck Sashes and others. These Rental Premium Pintuck Table Linens look great, endowing an alluring appeal to the overall party aura.
  • Rental Paisley Lace Table Linens

    Rental Paisley Lace Table Linens are perhaps one of the classiest choices in the world of table linen for the hospitality sector. Nearly every guest hosting environment needs well-dressed tables. However, the difference between ordinarily covered tables and event tables draped in paisley linens can be huge. This is because lace is not a very common tablecloth choice. As a table linen option, it can be argued as being traditional.
  • Rental Accessories

    We understand that hotel supply table linen often requires the use of accessories that are necessary to uplift the entire dining ambience. A holistic provider in this category, we have a large inventory of rental accessories apart from rental supplies. From standard choices in this segment to accessory trends that are evolving, we cover the entire spectrum of rental accessories.

Wedding, Banquet, and Special Event Linen Rentals

Details and Instructions

RTLINENS now offers wedding linen rentals! Whether you need tablecloths, chair sashes, napkins, table skirts, chair covers or other specialty linen rentals for weddings and special events, you'll find everything you need to make your party décor absolutely beautiful.

  1. Place your order online or by phone.
  2. We'll fax or e-mail a customer information order form. Once you fax it back to us, we'll ship out your order. Our fax number is 1-800-831-6326.
  3. We'll ship the goods to arrive on or before the date you request them In addition to the rental and shipping fee, we require that our customers pay a $6 handling fee. In return, you'll get a seven-day linen rental period.
  4. The return shipping is paid for by Linens by RTLINENS in the continental U.S. under the following conditions:
    • order must be over $25
    • you reuse boxes (or replace them with similar-size boxes) for return rental AND
    • you use UPS return labels (RS) provided (see below). There will be a clear plastic envelope on one of the boxes containing return instructions, a packing slip and a return label (RS) - 1 per box shipped.
  5. When you are finished with the rental, fold the soiled cloths carefully to fit into the boxes. Put the RS label on the box. LINENS BY RTLINENS WILL ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF ONLY THOSE ITEMS RETURNED WITH THE RS RETURN LABELS PROVIDED WITH EACH SPECIFIC ORDER. Any RS label return with cloth from an alternate sales order will be assessed an additional $10 fee.
  6. Bring the boxes to UPS or call UPS at 1.800.PICKUPS (1.800.742.5877) for a pickup. They will charge you a nominal pickup fee. UPS will take the boxes and we will absorb the return freight.
IMPORTANT: The labels are valuable so don't lose them. Missing labels must be reported on the day boxes are delivered or a $10 per label fee will be charged to send new labels.

Do not send boxes back to LINENS BY RTLINENS C.O.D. Any C.O.D freight charges will be billed back to your account.

(Note: You will still be responsible for getting the linens to UPS at the end of the seven-day rental period. If not, you will be responsible for additional weekly rental fees AND/OR replacement costs.)

Give us a call at 1-800-831-6326 to rent linens today!