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Satin / Dupioni Tablecloths

Two fabrics for the price of one!

100% Polyester tablecloths, our Satin / Dupioni table linens are as elegant as Silk.

Satin / Dupioni is seamless up to 120”W.
Being reversible, the Satin / Dupioni provides two cloths for the price of one!
One-side is a 100% Polyester Dupioni, The other side offers 100% Polyester Satin.

Its Machine Washable!

Whether preferring the textured striations of Dupioni or the shine and “pop” of color from the glossy Poly-Satin, this is a product that provides for multi-use.

Colors: White, Ivory, Cornsilk, Lemon, Acid Green, Expresso, Lime, Moss, Hunter, Black, Caribbean, Turquoise, Royal, Navy, Purple, Watermelon, Raspberry, Red, Cherry Red, Burgundy, Aubergine, Charcoal, Cobalt, Gold, Light Blue, Light Pink, Orange, Silver, Burnt Orange, Teal, Camel, Sage, Emerald, Plum, Periwinkle, Lilac, Coral and Tan

Satin Dupioni Fabric Table Linens

Discover the versatility of faux dupioni table linens. One side offers that traditional silk appearance. Turn it over for a dupioni look that includes those attractive striations. By stocking these wholesale wedding table linens in your facility, you have an answer to most events throughout the year. The secret lies in the material itself. It's actually 100% polyester, which means it can be laundered as many times as necessary while still retaining a glorious color.

Browse through our wholesale satin table linens to choose the colors that work for your needs. From charcoal to lemon, nearly every hue is represented. Faux dupioni silk linen and tablecloths also come in various styles. Chair sashes, table runners and tablecloths are just the start of our collection. RTLINENS is proud to carry these elegant materials so that you can create a fancy event at the drop of a hat.