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  • Round Polished-Luster Flame Retardant Satin Tablecloth

    Your round tablecloths will never look better dressed in our exclusive polished luster tablecloths. These high quality fabrics are fire retardant are an elegant addition to our round tablecloth line of fabrics only at RTLINENS.
  • Rectangular Polished-Luster Flame Retardant Satin Tablecloth

    A great select and stunning color choice of our new polish luster fire retardant table linens. Search our selection and colors to find the Quality Rectangular Tablecloth You
    Need at a Great Price.
  • Square Polished-Luster Flame Retardant Satin Tablecloth

    Our popular line of square tablecloths has a new exciting fabric choice called polished luster. These certified fire retardant fabrics may be the perfect choice for your wedding, party, or special event.
  • FR Polished Luster Table Skirts

    Give your next party or ceremony an attractive look with the FR Polished Luster Table Skirts. Adding elegance to the venue area this FR Polished Luster Table Skirts will blend effortlessly with the environment due to its graceful look.
  • Fitted Polished-Luster Flame Retardant Satin Tablecloth

    Fitted tablecloths for all size tables. Our new line of polished luster are high-quality fitted table linens for weddings, trade shows and other events at RTLINENS. These stunning tablecloths are certified fire retardant. These stunning tablecloths are certified fire retardant without the hefty price tag!
  • Napkins Polished-Luster Flame Retardant Satin (12 Pack)

    Set the table in style with fabulous polished luster fabric napkins. These restaurant quality napkins are fire retardant and are a perfect complement to your new polished luster tablecloths, Chair Sashes and Table Runners.
  • Table Runners Polished-Luster Flame Retardant Satin

    Our polished luster quality fabric line is our latest offering of quality fire retardant linens. You'll always have best experience for Online shopping at RTLINENS. The polished luster Table Runners line for are a perfect choice for Weddings, trade shows, home and kitchen at everyday low prices.
  • Chair Sashes Polished-Luster Flame Retardant Satin

    Dress up your event seating with luxurious polished luster chair sashes from RTLINENS Our exclusive polish luster fire resistant fabric line is an elegant high quality fabric that will dazzle your eyes with it's reflective sparkle and sheen.
  • Fabric By The Yard Polished-Luster Flame Retardant Satin

    RTLINENS offers a large variety of fabrics by the yard. We are proud to offer our newest fire retardant fabric line, polished luster sold by the yard. This versatile quality fabric is affordable but has a look of reflective, smooth, refined polished luxury,
  • Oval Polished Luster Flame Retardant Satin Tablecloth

    Oval Polished Luster Flame Retardant Satin Tablecloth

    Setting the mood for an upscale and distinguished events, parties, conferences, dinners and banquets becomes easy and inexpensive with the Oval Polished Luster Flame Retardant Satin Tablecloth. For most press conferences, dinners or weddings, the oval table setting is the norm. The layout gives ample space to everyone, with the ease to talk to each other, and face the host, proceedings on the main stage too.

  • Serpentine Polished Luster Flame Retardant Satin Tablecloth

    Serpentine Polished Luster Flame Retardant Satin Tablecloth
    Table runners and table cloths are an important part of the inventory of caterers, hotels, and other branches of the hospitality industry. Most come in specific size and material to cater to specific needs, but a novel product, the Serpentine tablecloth is being favored by many nowadays, as it offers high-customizability and can be used with tables arranged in different arrangement. This high customizability makes the Serpentine style tablecloths an instant hit.
  • Flame Retardant Polished Luster Swatch Card

    Decision makers at facilities like hotels, banquets, weddings halls and other hosting businesses often need to order samples before ordering hotel supplies in bulk. RTLINENS makes this task much easier with its wide range of Flame Retardant Polished Luster Swatch Card.
  • Polished Luster Flame Retardant Samples

    Polished Luster Flame Retardant Samples

    Seeing is believing! RTLINENS understands that any responsible manager, buyer first, confirms the quality of goods is up to the requirement, and then proceeds with the order. For this, RTLINENS offers samples of many categories, so that the buyer can check the quality of the product, and order with an assurance.

Polished-Luster Flame Retardant Linens

Make your party décor dazzle with the reflective sparkle and shine of these Flame Retardant Polished Luster Linens. These fire retardant linens have a unique property of exuding shine and silky texture, making it a perfect fit for events like weddings, formal gatherings, or birthday celebrations. These linens are made of a special kind of fabric for a more dramatic effect with color looking brighter than ever, having a lustrous impact. These linens are considered as one of the most reliable decoration fabrics for huge events where you cannot take control of the accidental mishaps. You can browse through our range of fire retardant decoration fabrics at RTLINENS online.

Make Your Event Decoration Stand-Out with these Polished Luster Linens

We have an entire inventory of different kind of decorations including chair sashes, table linens, table runners, curtains, layouts, overlays and much more; crafted with fire-resistant polished luster linens. Light dances off the polished luster of these linens in a spectacular show of elegance. We have put together some amazing combinations of colors and patterns for you to choose from. Rest assured that these decoration fabrics are going to enhance the overall appeal of your event décor when coupled with glamorous centerpieces, candle stands, floral arrangements, and high-class cutlery and dinnerware. Place your orders today!

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